Subject ANN IBAnalyst 1.9
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Dear All,

We are proudly present to you the new version of our unique analytic
tool – IBAnalyst 1.9. Now IBAnalyst brings you

the new quality of database statistics analysis – it can load metadata
of the database and provide more exact hints

and recommendations.

Also the full version contains several white papers and "how-to guides"
regarding database statistics interpretation

and database optimization.

What’s new In IBAnalyst 1.9

* New "Load metadata" option in Services API dialog. Enabling this
option will load metadata (table structure)
* Added column Statistics (Index view). Information is taken from
Services API (if Load Metadata is On). Column

shows rdb$indices.rdb$statistics data. If this information is outdated,
it will be marked yellow for less than 20%

difference with calculated index selectivity, or red if difference
greater than 20%. For that indices right mouse

click on Statistics column enables to recompute selectivity.
* Added total index size into row "Data version percent" at Summary view
* Added column "Size, mb" to Index view.
* TIP size report in recommendations fixed from bytes to kilobytes
* Option "take only header page" in Services API dialog is saved/restored
* Added recommendation about outdated index statistics.
* ODS 9.x information about numeric fields is now taken correctly
* "Wrong ODS" error now processed and reported correctly
* Fixed report in recommendations about gap between Oldest Snapshot and
Oldest Active
* Several interface improvements
* and more!

Download trial version of IBAnalyst 1.9 now from!

Sincerely yours,
Alexey Kovyazin