Subject ANN: IBExpert New Version 2005.09.22 ready for Download
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IBExpert New Version 2005.09.22 ready for Download

HK-Software European Roadshow 2005
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Today we uploaded a new Version 2005.09.22
of IBExpert on

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
update end date from your registration form.
(If you have a valid license and not
received new keys after Aug 2005, please
contact register@...)

If you update right is already expired,
you can extend it for the next two years
with buying the Extension license(s) in
our shop. See details on our Web Site or just ask
register@... for details.

You receive this email because it was used
in the registration process of IBExpert.
If you want to cancel, just reply with
the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject.

IBExpert 2005.09.22

1. Report Engine was upgraded to FastReport 3:

* All metadata reports were redesigned

* Printing of unicode strings is supported

* Many export filters are available

* Better integration of user reports with
IBExpert registered databases. There is
a sample report \Reports\Sample1.fr3
which illustrates how to connect database
access components within report with
registered databases. Use Tools | Report
Manager to execute/design this sample.

2. SP Debugger/Trigger Debugger:

* Added support for INSERT ... RETURNING
(Firebird 2)

* Added support for aliases of nested SELECTs
like following (Firebird 2):


* Added support for TRIM function (Firebird 2)

* Added support for ROWS clause (Firebird 2)

3. SQL Editor:

* Added support for INSERT ... RETURNING
statement. IBExpert shows returnable
values in messages area.

4. Object Editors:

* Since this version IBExpert will use
COMMENT ON statement (Firebird 2) when
updating object descriptions if it is

5. Extract Metadata :

* Added support for COMMENT ON statement
(Firebird 2). There are a new option
(Use COMMENT statement) which forces
to exatract object descriptions as
set of COMMENT statements.

6. Script Executive:

* Added support for COMMENT ON statements
(Firebird 2).

* Added possibility to delete/comment several
script statements at once. Just select items
to be deleted/commented using the Script
Explorer and choose corresponding action
in context menu.

7. Database Comparer:

* Minor bugfixes in parser.

8. Code Editors:

* Added higlighting of paired brackets.
You can customize this using
Options | Editor Options | Color

9. IBEScript:

* Added support for COMMENT ON statement
(Firebird 2)

* Performance of executing of DDL statements
is slightly improved.

10. IBEBlock:

* ibec_ExtractMetadata: added new option
- UseComment - for support of Firebird 2
COMMENT ON statement.

* ibec_EncodeDate/ibec_DecodeDate functions
implemented. These functions are similar
to Delphi EncodeDate/DecodeDate functions.

* ibec_SetGlobalVar/ibec_GetGlobalVar/
ibec_FreeGlobalVar functions implemented.

Syntax of ibec_SetGlobalVar function is:
function ibec_SetGlobalVar
(VarName : string; VarValue : variant):variant;

ibec_SetGlobalVar allows to create/modify a
global variable. This function always returns 0.

Syntax of ibec_GetGlobalVar function is:
function ibec_GetGlobalVar
(VarName : string; DefaultValue : variant) :variant;

ibec_GetGlobalVar returns value of specified
global variable. If the variable doesn't exists
this functions return the value passed in

Syntax of ibec_FreeGlobalVar function is:
function ibec_FreeGlobalVar
(VarName : string) : variant;

This function removes specified variable from
list of global variables and
frees memory associated with the variable.
If an empty string is specified as VarName
all global variables will be destroyed.
This function returns a number of destroyed
global variables.

If you're using ibec_SetGlobalVar function
within scripts executed with IBEScript, it
is not necessary to free global variables -
they will be destroyed automatically after
the script will be finished.

If you're using ibec_SetGlobalVar function
within IBExpert (SQL Editor/Script Executive)
once created global variable will be
exists until you close IBExpert. So if it
is necessary you should free it manually
using ibec_FreeGlobalVar function.

Next example illustrates usage of described
functions within SQL script:


execute ibeblock
select myfield from mytable
where something = 25
into :MyVar;
ibec_SetGlobalVar('MyGlobalVar', MyVar);


execute ibeblock
MyVar = ibec_GetGlobalVar('MyGlobalVar', null);
if (MyVar = 1) then
insert into mytable ...;
else if (MyVar = 2) then
update mytable set ...;

11. Lot of minor bugfixes and small improvements.

12. Coming Up Soon: IBExpert New Feature to create simple
Database Web Applications based on Scripts. See
more details of this new technology on the
following Events:

13. IBExpert Events 2005

Here you can find the IBExpert Team in this year:

27.-29.Sep Frankfurt, Germany
24.-28.Oct Munich, Germany
08.-09.Nov Frankfurt, Germany
The Firebird Event of the year:
The 3rd Worldwide Firebird Conference

13.-15.Nov Prague, Czech Republic

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Registration Fee only valid unil 30.Sep

Only here you can talk to the worlds best
Firebird Experts just by spending them
a glass of beer :-). See you there ...
HK-Software European Roadshow 2005
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Product Prices

Details and Registration on

21.Nov Brussels, Belgium
23.Nov London, UK
24.Nov Milano, Italy
25.Nov Zurich, Swisse
28.Nov Wien, Austria
29.Nov Paris, France
30.Nov Barcelona, Spain
02.Dez Stockholm, Sweden

Other Cities and Countries on request

14. Distribution of IBExpert Modules

* To be allowed to distribute any of the
IBExpert Modules (ibexpert.exe, ibescript.exe,
ibescript.dll) together with your application,
you need:
-IBExpert Site License, if the distribution is
located only on computers in your own company
-IBExpert VAR License, if the distribution is
located on any computer outside your company

If you are already IBExpert customer, you can
upgrade to Site or VAR License and directly
buy the 24 month Extension Product.

See Purchase Area for Details

Some functions of the new IBExpert Modules do
not work on Non licensed Computers, so you can
only use them, where your IBExpert License is

Customers with Site License are allowed to
make them work on every computer in their
company just by copying the License file to
the path, where the module (such as
ibescript.exe) should run.

VAR License Customers may also integrate
these modules and the License file in their
Software installation.

The IBExpert Team

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