Subject [ANN] FirebirdClient v2.0 Alpha 2 released
Author Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

FirebirdClient 2.0 Alpha 2 for Microsoft.NET 2.0 is available for download.

Download information can be found here:

Release notes:

(Please read the Changelog for details)

New features:

* Initial Visual Studio 2005 integration of the provider using a
DDEX provider

* Support for the new INSERT ... RETURNING statement of Firebird v2.0

* Support for the new PSQL stack trace of Firebird v2.0

* New CAS support FirebirdClientPermission and
FirebirdClientPermissionAttribute classes

* Added support to the new CREATE SEQUENCE statement to the
FbBatchExecution class.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed bug in decimal/numeric handling ( backported form v1.7 )

* Fixed FbCommandBuilder.GetParameterName method

* Fixed FbCommand.Clone method.

* Fixed connection string databases values that contains spaces (
like c:\program files\... )

* Columns, ViewColumns, Stored Procedure parameters and domains
schemas should now be working against Firebird v2.0


* Changed the named parameters parsing method ( see tracker item
#1256652 )

* Changed Foreign Keys and Indexes schemas by splitting them into
two different schemas
ForeignKeys and ForeignColumns, Indexes and IndexColumns.

* Renamed FbViewColumnUsage class to FbViewColumns

* Changed the overwrite support of FbConnection.CreateDatabase method.

* Change to check the connection state on FbRemoteEvent class.

* Disable the nagle algorithm on the TCP/IP GDS implementation.

* Implicit transactions on SELECT commands will be discarded using a
hard commit.


* Updated error messages resources.

* CleanUp on IscCodes constants.

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez