Subject Re: [firebird-tools] -> Web based Firebird Forum
Author Scott Taylor
Milan Babuskov said:
> Si Carter wrote:
>> Would be interested to know what you used to verify this with, I have
>> just
>> checked ( and
>> all
>> is ok.
> Not really. It clearly shows the error:
> Master DNS defined by SOA ( was not found among NS
> records.
> Meaning:
> In SOA section of DNS configuration at Enom, inc. (your registrar) is
> written that the main responsible server is (this can be
> validated if you ask: But when you ask
> about it, it says that is responsible.
> Depending of DNS server that tries to resolve this, some may just ignore
> the fact, and others may report failure (which I guess is the case for
> Scott).
> I checked and it confirms the setup of your(?)
> server, so you should tell Enom,inc. to change their DNS
> records (or you can probably do it via some web interface?).

Good digging, I totally missed that. Actually, never even read that far
down the page. =p