Subject Re: [firebird-tools] -> Web based Firebird Forum
Author Milan Babuskov
Si Carter wrote:
> Would be interested to know what you used to verify this with, I have just
> checked ( and all
> is ok.

Not really. It clearly shows the error:

Master DNS defined by SOA ( was not found among NS records.


In SOA section of DNS configuration at Enom, inc. (your registrar) is written
that the main responsible server is (this can be validated if
you ask: But when you ask about it, it
says that is responsible. Depending of DNS server that tries
to resolve this, some may just ignore the fact, and others may report failure
(which I guess is the case for Scott).

I checked and it confirms the setup of your(?) server, so you should tell Enom,inc. to change their DNS
records (or you can probably do it via some web interface?).

Milan Babuskov