Subject [ANN] FlameRobin 0.2.5 ALPHA released
Author Nando Dessena
on behalf of the FlameRobin team, I am glad to announce the release of
FlameRobin 0.2.5 ALPHA, now with more documentation, a brand new
Preferences dialog to customize things you didn't think were
customizable in FlameRobin, new code completion, call-tips and drag &
drop in the SQL Editor and many bug fixes.

FlameRobin is an open source, lightweight and cross-platform GUI
administration and management tool for Firebird. Here is the download
link for source, Windows, Linux and MacOS X (*) packages (watch the wrap):

Please see the release notes here:

Our home page is at

Everybody is welcome to try it and send back comments, bug reports,
feature requests, wishes, etc.

(*) To be released in the next few days.

Nando Dessena