Subject The IBExpert Book - Tools for Database Developers
Author HKlemt
The IBExpert Book - Tools for Database Developers

Holger Klemt, Debra Miles
ISBN: 3-8334-3030-3
Price: EUR 49.90 + shipping
English language

Finally a publication dedicated to the open source
database, Firebird, using the popular GUI tool,

"The IBExpert Book - Tools for Database Developers"
tackles this extensive subject comprehensively, making
it clear enough for even the novice to understand.

Whether developing professionally or as a hobby, this
comprehensive reference work offers something for

If you're looking for a way to make life easier,
this publication will certainly help you on your

Free CD, including Firebird and IBExpert software,
video tutorials and additional information, enclosed
with all direct orders (while stocks last).

Take a look at the contents and sample chapters.

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information and details on how to order.

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