Subject ANN: FBExport 1.60 released
Author Milan Babuskov
FBExport is Open Source command-line and GUI tool for exporting and
importing data with Firebird and InterBase databases. It is based on
IBPP C++ library, and runs on Windows and Linux.

The 1.60 version brings few important bug fixes and one long awaited

There were many bugs in parametrized import (-if option). It would
work only for simplest cases. As soon as you try to omit fields, use
blobs, etc. it would not work, or work improperly. If you use
parametrized import, please install 1.60 immediately.

There is also new feature that allows to execute multiple statements
from input file. It can be used as good replacement for isql, since it
returns non-zero error codes when error occurs. It still does not
support SET TERM or any other isql's SET command, so be careful.

More info and downloads at:

Milan Babuskov