Subject [ANN] New DBManager 3.0.3 Released Today
Author DBTools Software
We are pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional 3.0.3.
This is a major bug fix version with lots of improvements and a few new
features. If you are a previous user of the DBManager 3.0
versions you may consider updating your system with the new version.

Here is the list of changes:

Fixed Form max Characters for SQlite databases
Fixed Uppercase/Lowercase Comparisons with CDBHolder and catalog.ddb
Fixed Moving Table and Data from MySQL => PostgreSQL (date 0000-00-00)
Fixed Export tables mistaking namespace with table name
Fixed Database Dump Wizard (Showing System Tables)
Fixed Dump database display two names of files when save to dump data text
Checked Font Use in Datasheet View (Insert Font in Preferences)
Fixed Default Database when attaching external database in Server Manager
Added Default Extension to SQLite (*.db, *.db3, *.*)
Fixed SQL Delimiter for MySQL WebServices
Fixed WSG (not creating stylesheet)
Fixed WSG (Not using results alignment)
Fixed MySQL Webservices Number detection
Fixed WSG (Not creating update.php)
Fixed Pasting into Datasheet enables the Save Button
Fixed Importing MSAccess Indexes and Foreign Keys (GUID names)
Fixed Diagram Designer Print Preview (when the diagram is empty)
Fixed Exception when listing/adding Text Wizard Definitions-Delimiter NULL)
Fixed MySQL COUNT(*) Rows correctly when set in preferences
Enabled Firebird Embedded Server
Fixed Task Wizard (Database Target not using option DROP TABLE IF EXISTS)
Replaced HTML Code to Generate Table Listing (HTML DOM)
Fixed Column Quoting for Insert in MSAccess
MySQL XML Webservice now open URL directly instead of parsing (more error
Fixed Dropping a Table shows a warning in Diagram if table is referenced
Fixed Queries that do not return results are correctly handled (MSAccess)
Fixed Blank Print and Print Preview in Diagram Builder
Fixed Export to MSExcel (Escaping character ' [Single Quote])
Fixed Server Manager Test Connection (Error in Message Firebird/SQLite3)

New Features

Added Character Set and Collation Support for Databases and Tables
Added Comment for Columns (Mysql 4.1.0 or higher)
Added javascript support (Text Wizard)
Added Multiple Results Set
Added Syntax Coloring for Each Engine (SQL/DDL/Commands/Functions). Still
using the default SQL but it will be changed for 3.1.0 version
Added Preferences Option to turn off Application Exit Question
Added Option to Preferences=>Security (My Documents Folder)
Added Copy, Paste, Select All to Datasheet, Query Editor/Results, Memo

The new file is now available for download in

What is DBManager Professional?

DBManager Professional is an application for Windows designer to manage data
and structure for: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQLite, Xbase,
MSSQL Server, Sybase, MSAccess and Oracle. It is full of features, which

- Structure Management for Databases, tables, indexes, columns, foreign
keys, functions, stored procedures, views, etc
- Import and Export Data: MSAccess, MSExcel, ODBC, Paradox,
Dbase/Clipper/FoxPro, Text Files, XML, HTML
- Server, Database and Table monitoring (*)
- Diagram Designer (*)
- Database Comparer Wizard to sync your database structure (*)
- Server Console
- Query Editor and Designer
- Task Builder to process automation (*)
- Web Script Generator Wizard to PHP, ASP(*)
- and much more

(*) Available only in the Enterprise Edition

For more information about DBManager Professional check features sheet.

Best Regards,

DBTools Software