Subject [ANN] FBCopy - command-line tool to copy data between databases
Author Milan Babuskov
FBExport project presents first version of FBCopy tool (1.00).

With FBCopy, you can easily copy data between Firebird tables and
databases. FBCopy is a command-line tool, so you can easily use it
inside batch scripts, cron jobs, etc.

There are a lot of nice GUI tools that do it, but they all require
thay you have fast access to database. If you have databases on remote
server, which are too big to copy them to your computer, pump the
data, and copy back, FBCopy is the choice.

Also, if you need to pump data on Linux, this is (AFAIK) the only
native program that does it.


- Automatically loads all tables in both databases
and compares their fields
- Uses Foreign Keys to determine the correct order of tables
- Can create ALTER TABLE and CREATE TABLE scripts needed to
update the destination database if desired
- Generates a simple textual definition file with list of tables,
which you can edit to select only the tables you really need
- Manually edit definition file if you wish to copy from views or
stored procedures
- For each table, you can add WHERE clause
- Does it in a single atomic transaction or one transaction per table
- Works on Windows and Linux

More info and downloads:

The tool is open sourced, download and use is free.

Milan Babuskov