Subject IBExpert New Version 2005.12.04 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2005.12.04 ready for Download

Today we uploaded a new Version 2005.12.04
of IBExpert on

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
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(If you have a valid license and not
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1. Database Comparer:

* Added possibility to specify server
version which syntax
will be used while comparing databases.

* Added support for array fields.

* Some minor bugs were fixed.

2. SP/Trigger Debugger:

* Added possibility to debug universal
triggers that use context variables
interprets these variables as regular
input parameters of datatype BOOLEAN
and they are FALSE by default.

3. Database Object Descriptions:

* Fixed problem with adding/modifying
descriptions greater than 32K.

4. View Editor:

* Fixed problem with recreating of trigger
descriptions of updatable views after

5. Data Grid:

* Fixed problem with editing live queries
when key fields are aliased.

6. SP Editor, Extract Metadata:

* Fixed problem with duplicate equal sign
when input parameters have default
values (Firebird 2)

7. Database Designer:

* Fixed problem with updating of the Model
Tree when adding/deleting/modifying
tables and views.

8. SP Editor, Trigger Editor:

* Code Completion list now displays cursor
names when ones declared within
SP/trigger (Firebird 2).

9. Script Executive, IBEScript:

* Added support for new conditional directive:

{$IfExists INDEX <index_name>}
{$IfNotExists INDEX <index_name>}

10. IBEBlock:

* Added possibility to export data into DBF:

execute ibeblock
EXPORT AS DBF INTO 'E:\TestExport.dbf'
OPTIONS 'ConvertToDOS; LongStringsToMemo; DateTimeAsDate';

* New option (ServerVersion) available in
function. Possible values are:

IB4? - for InterBase 4.?
IB5? - for InterBase 5.?
IB6? - for InterBase 6.?
IB7? - for InterBase 7.?
FB1? - for Firebird 1.?
FB15 - for Firebird 1.5
FB2? - for Firebird 2.?
YA1? - for Yaffil 1.?

If ServerVersion is not specified FB15 will be used.

11. SQL Editor | Create procedure from SELECT:

* Added possibility to turn query parameters
into input parameters of stored procedure.

12. In this version we introduce a new script engine
which allows you to implement and execute your
own applications (scripts) within the IBExpert.
You can use one of four languages to write scripts:
Pascal, Basic, JavaScript and C++.

There are two ways to store your scripts:
A. In a registered database
B. In the User Database
(Options | Environment Options | User Database)

To create a new script in a registered database
use Database Explorer context menu staying on
Scripts node. You also can create IBEBlocks and
Firebird 2 blocks (EXECUTE BLOCK) within your
database. Each script (block) must have an
unique name (up to 100 chars) within the

To create a new script in the User Database you
should enable this option in
Options | Environment Options | User Database
and restart the IBExpert. After this there
will be a new tab in the Database Explorer -
Scripts/Blocks. You can create scripts and
blocks using context menu of Scripts/Blocks
tree and also organize them in folders.

At the time, more information about syntax of
scripts and their possibilities you can get here:

About the User Database:
We strongly recommend you to use the User
Database as a main storage for IBExpert.

About the IBEBlock:

Some examples of user scripts and IBEBlock's:

13. A lot of minor bugfixes and small improvements..

14. Distribution of IBExpert Modules

* To be allowed to distribute any of the
IBExpert Modules (ibexpert.exe, ibescript.exe,
ibescript.dll) together with your application,
you need:
-IBExpert Site License, if the distribution is
located only on computers in your own company
-IBExpert VAR License, if the distribution is
located on any computer outside your company

If you are already IBExpert customer, you can
upgrade to Site or VAR License and directly
buy the 24 month Extension Product.

See Purchase Area for Details

Some functions of the new IBExpert Modules do
not work on Non licensed Computers, so you can
only use them, where your IBExpert License is

Customers with Site License are allowed to
make them work on every computer in their
company just by copying the License file to
the path, where the module (such as
ibescript.exe) should run.

VAR License Customers may also integrate
these modules and the License file in their
Software installation.

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