Subject [ANN] Firebird ADo.NET data Provider 2.0 Beta 1 released.
Author Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

The Firebird ADo.NET Data Provider 2.0 Beta 1 for Microsoft.NET 2.0

Download information can be found here:

· Beta 1( 2005-11-30 ) ·

(Please read the Changelog for details)

New features:

- New GDS implementation for the Firebird/Fyracle External Proceudre
engine implementation.

* Added a new namespace FirebirdSql.Data.StoredProcedureEngine
with two new classes:

- FbResultSet
- FbTriggetContext

- Cleanup.

- Updated to build using .NET 2.0 RTM.

- Improved connection pooling implementation.

- Changes on FbConnectionStringBuilder class to use the new
FbServerType enumeration.

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez