Subject [ANN] DBManager Professional 3.1.2 Released
Author DBTools Software
We are pleased to announce the release of the new DBTools Manager
Professional. This version is a bug fix with small new features, see below:

- Fixed: Dialog Box Preferences for Data Options
- Fixed: 'Invalid DateTime' on datetime columns with NULL values in
Microsoft Access
- Fixed: SetFieldNull In MSAccess (Generated an Exception)
- Fixed: Find Files Button to Attach Databases didn't work for SQL Server
- Fixed: Parser error in query editor for MS Access
- Fixed: Entering Integer Size (Adding new Columns) Show an error message in
- Fixed: GO Not working on Datasheet to separate multiple queries
- Added FROM to Send Emails in the Task Builder
- Implemented Picture Viewer to Query Editor
- Implemented Picture Viewer to Form Builder
- Implemented double click to insert tables in Query Editor
- Implemented Export/Import Diagram Data in Diagram Designer

The Enterprise Edition 3.1.2 and Freeware Edition 3.1.1 are both available
for downloading in the Downloads Center at

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Best Regards,

DBTools Software

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