Subject FbDoc Beta 0.4 now available
Author Simon Carter
What is FbDoc? FbDoc is an automated database documentation toolkit, put
simply FbDoc will generate cross referenced HTML documentation for almost
any Firebird 1 or 2 database object in seconds.


o Missing quick link bar for Exception Objects.
o Recognition of Function Objects (UDFs) in dependency list.
o Multiple entries for dependency objects, where the object is dependent
on more than 1 field.
o Incorrect reporting of column types for Tables.
o Incorrect reporting of Calculated columns.
o Mis-alignment of columns where more than 1 line is used.
o Mis-alignment of column headers when more than 1 line is used.
o Invalid table link within Trigger objects.
o Automatic extraction of images into the /img folder.


o New CSS Class for odd/even rows.
o Dependency Object List for Exception Objects.
o Cell padding for table/view columns.
o Cell padding for dependency tables.
o Two new CSS classes (Red, Green), default is Blue.
o Support for FastStrings, increasing processing speed upto 20%.
o App Icon.


o Employee sample (


o Include ability to replace all HTML templates.
o Tidy up and release as open source (IDPL).
o Find better icon.
o Find better 64x64 images.

The latest build can be downloaded from
( Also being graphically
challenged I will gladly accept and graphic donations :-)


Si Carter