Subject [ANN] DBManager Professional 3.0.2 Released
Author Support (DBTools Software)
We are pleased to announce the release of the DBManager Professional 3.0.2.
This version is a major bug fix with a small number of new features:


a.. Fixed Load Dump which affected most of the engines supported
b.. Closing Workspace with other Views opened will close all views
c.. Fixed COUNT(*) for Interbase/Firebird (Option UNCHECKED in
d.. Fix Set FIELD NULL doesn't show SQL/DDL to Output
e.. Fixed CTRL-C, CTRL-V in the Datasheet View
f.. Fixed Remove Server Message (Relationships not part of the catalog
g.. Fixed Table Form (when field is hidden removes also the Label) (*)
h.. Fixed DBCC Messages when it is too long (MSSQL/Sybase) generates
exception (*)
i.. ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN (Now field is quoted to allow reserved
j.. Added Conversion Table for MSAccess => MySQL. Many changes were made
in the Conversion Table
k.. Fixed Import Text Wizard (NULL values not reset for each record)
l.. Fix Server Connect with a default database (SQLite)
m.. Create/Alter/Drop Procedure referenced by Database.Procedure (MySQL)
n.. Fixed Dump Wizard Exports Only Data Correctly (SQL/DDL)
o.. Fixed Number Format for MySQL WebService (Datasheet StatusBar)
p.. Dump Tables now Dumps triggers of the selected table correctly
q.. When Dumping only one table do not dump objects that are not table

New Features

a.. Servers Sorted By Name
b.. Added Role Support for Interbase/Firebird (Server Properties)
c.. Added Collation Connection for MySQL (Server Properties)
d.. Add Support for Table Collation (Datasheet View)
e.. Add support for other character separators in Text Import Wizard
f.. Added support for Sybase (*)
(*) Enterprise Edition Only

You can download the Freeware Edition directly from our website at

What is DBManager Professional

DBManager Professional is windows application to manage MySQL, PostgreSQL,
SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Xbase Tables, MSAccess (*), MSSQL Server (*),
Sybase (*) and Oracle (*) (avaible soon) database servers. Here is some of
its features:

- Manage all objects in the database: tables, indexes, stored procedures,
functions, user types, users, groups, etc
- Create and Execute Queries in Query Designer and Query Builder
- Import and Export data from/to MSAccess, ODBC, MSExcel, Paradox, Clipper,
Dbase, FoxPro, Text Files, XML
- Diagram Designer to build your database structure visually (*)
- Form Builder (*)
- Database Compare Wizard to keep two or more database syncronized (*)
- Task Builder to automate data processing (*)
- Database Documenter
- Report Builder creates reports in HTML format (*)
- Server, Database and Table Monitoring (*)
- Web Script Generator creates scripts in PHP and ASP
- True MDI Tab Views compatible with .NET
- and much more

(*) Enterprise Edition Only

For the full list of features please check

Best Regards,

DBTools Software