Subject Free IBExpert and Firebird Workshop and Roadshow in Europe
Author HKlemt
Free IBExpert and Firebird Workshop and
Roadshow in Europe

Following the success of the German Roadshow
the first dates for the Roadshow in other European
countries have now been fixed.

Czech Republic:
Prague Thursday 10th Feb 2005

Budapest Friday 11th Feb 2005

Amsterdam Thursday 24th Feb 2005

Brussels Friday 25th Feb 2005

We plan to visit the following cities in March
and April 2005:

Austria: Vienna
Denmark: Copenhagen
France: Paris
Italy: Milano
Poland: Warsaw
Spain: Madrid
Sweden: Stockholm
Switzerland: Zurich
UK: London

Other countries: just ask, if there is enough
interest, we will come.

All presentations are technically oriented and
will show the various technologies that can be
used, based on IBExpert, Firebird, InterBase,
FastReport and Pivotcube.

All sessions will be held in the English language
(except Austria and Switzerland) by non-native
English speakers, so it should be easy for all
people with a basic knowledge of the English
language to understand.

Presentations will start at 9:00 am and end at
about 1:00 pm.

It will be possible for all visitors to order all
our products at special prices (discounts of up to 60%!).


Please register here:

as soon as possible, because the capacity is limited.

Best Regards

Holger Klemt

IBExpert Power Workshop in Oldenburg, 199 Euro p.P. 3.-4.Feb 2005
(German Language)

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