Subject Re: Temporary tables and interfaces was changed to Re: [firebird-tools] External tables (was: Temporary tables and interfaces)
Author Daniel Rail

At September 17, 2004, 11:17, Helen Borrie wrote:

> Thanks for switching my message to a new thread. I've now switched it
> back. The subject of foreign data wrappers isn't on the agenda. An
> implementation of temporary tables is.

Actually, thanks for switching it back, explanation below.

> So, rather than hear about the standard for foreign data wrappers, I'd like
> to see some comments about the idea of implementing temporary tables as
> external tables.

After some thought. I always considered external tables as temporary
tables, but not in the sense of the SQL standard. But, they would be
very useful as temporary tables that can be used across multiple
connections. And sorry for still referring to the foreign data
wrappers, but implementing them would help the users have the external
tables in whatever file format they want(they would simply need to
create the plugin themselves if it's not already created). And, I
think the added advantage of implementing the foreign data wrapper
would be that cross-database queries should be achievable.

And, in summary, for connection persistent and cross-connection
temporary tables, where the data shouldn't be saved within the
database itself. Then yes, I think that external tables are the way
to go.

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