Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Temporary tables and interfaces
Author Gerhard Knapp
Hi Ann,
If you want to make reports, then you need a lot of temporary tables,
and it should be only visible for this attachment.
p.e.: make a script that produces a complex report, and stores some data
in temp-tables
this is at this moment (firebird 1.51) a lot of work, create (with
timestamp in the tablename, or so), use it, delete the tables, and so on...
so it would help, a better temp-table possibity ...

many thanks and best regards

Ann W. Harrison schrieb:

>If you develop or are considering developing an interface
>tool that works with Firebird, I'd like your ideas about
>temporary tables. There's a discussion of creating temporary
>tables that are visible to a single attachment, persist
>across transactions, and are deleted with the attachment
>How much infrastructure would your tools need to recognize
>and work with such tables?