Subject MyGeneration Announces support for Firebird
Author mygenerationmike
First, let me say that we are not selling anything here.

Special thanx to Carlos Guzmán Álvarez and team for the
Firebird.NET Managed Data Driver, Carlos gave me the tip that made
everything fall into place, now about the beta.

MyGeneration is a .NET code generation tool, it's 100% free, not a
trial version, and has been downloaded 18,000+ times. We have a no
questions asked download. We have full support for Firebird through
the Firebird.NET Managed Data Provider.

MyGeneration will generate these 5 stored procedures:


MyGeneration can also handle Firebird Generators.

MyGeneration will generate for you a C# business entity that can
read/write/delete and dynamically query the database for you.
Basically, you get a fully functional business entity in seconds,
all strongly typed and very lightweight.

Here are some code snippets using the EMPLOYEE.GDB database and the
Employee Table. "Employees" is my C# dOOdad Generated in about two
seconds by MyGeneration.

Load and Save
Employees emps = new Employees();
emps.FIRST_NAME = "Jones";

Adding a new Employee
Employees emps = new Employees();
emps.LAST_NAME = "F";
emps.FIRST_NAME = "L";
emps.SALARY = 150000;
emps.DEPT_NO = "100";
emps.JOB_CODE = "CEO";
emps.JOB_GRADE = 1;
emps.PHONE_EXT = "344";
emps.HIRE_DATE = DateTime.Now;

Dynamic Query
Employees emps = new Employees();
emps.Where.LAST_NAME.Operator = WhereParameter.Operand.Like;
emps.Where.LAST_NAME.Value = "%J%";
// You can bind emps to a datagrid here if you want too ...

"Beta Information" can be found here

dOOdad information can be found here:

Download MyGeneration Here:

Again, you will need to read my "Beta Information" post on the forum
before you can get started however until then install MyGeneration
and run the Firebird Stored Proc Template and the C# Business Entity
Tempalte to get a feel for what it does.

Mike Griffin
MyGeneration Software