Subject ANN: IBExpert New Version 2004.4.1 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2004.4.1 ready for Download

IBExpert Newsletter 4.4.2004

Today we uploaded a new Version 2004.4.1
of IBExpert on

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
update end date from your registration form.
If you update right is already expired,
you can extend it for the next two years
with buying the same license(s) again in
our shop. See details on our Web Site

1. Database Comparer:

* Added possibility to compare scripts.

* Added possibility to store and load settings into/from file.
It is possible to store settings into external file and use
the one together with IBECompare (see below).

2. IBEComparer - command-line tool to compare databases, scripts and
table data.

* IBECompare is a command-line version of corresponding IBExpert
tools: Database Comparer and Table Data Comparer.

* Use -D option to compare database metadata and script.
Use -T option to compare table data.
In both cases IBECompare produces an sql script file.

* It is necessary to specify an input settings file using
-C option. You can get the template of this file starting
IBECompare with -s option (IBECompare -s). In this case
IBECompare will create "config_sample.ini" file within current
directory. Also you can create settings file using
"Save configuration" button in IBExpert | Tools | Database

4. Script Executive:

* Fixed problem with non-standard terminators handling.

* Added support for EXECUTE BLOCK statement (Firebird 2)

5. SQL Editor:

* Now displays real parameter types and offers different
editors for different parameter types while executing
queries with parameters.

* Added support for EXECUTE BLOCK statement (Firebird 2)

6. SP/Trigger Debugger:

* Trace Into for SELECT FROM SP implemented.

* Fixed problem with EXECUTE STATEMENT ... INTO :VAR (value of VAR
was never modified)

* Added support for default values of input parameters
(Firebird 2)

7. Database Restore:

* Fixed problem with "Commit after each table" option.
In previous versions IBExpert restored databases without
this flag when the corresponding checkbox was checked.

8. Grant Manager:

* Fixed problem with long object names (> 31 chars; IB 7).

9. Database Designer:

* Fixed problem with extracting table and view descriptions
while reverse engineering (always were empty)

10. Database Registration Info | Additional:

* Added "Disable plan request in SQL Editor" and
"Disable performance analysis" options.

11. Extract Metadata:

* Now it is possible to extract table data into separate files
(TABLE_1.sql, TABLE_2.sql, TABLE_3.sql etc.)

* Added support for default values of input parameters
(Firebird 2)

12. IBEExtract was updated. Current version is 1.9.

13. IBEScript was updated. Current version is 1.86.

14. New Languages added and other language files updated

15. Installpath was changed, please copy all files from old IBExpert
Directory to the new \Program Files\HK-Software\IBExpert 2004
or just uninstall old version before installing newest version
(if you use User Database, no files must be copied)

16. Many other bugfixes and small improvements..

The IBExpert Team

HK Software - Huntestrasse 15 - 26135 Oldenburg - Germany
Phone/Fax +49 700 IBEXPERT (42397378)

2. European Firebird Conference, May 16th - 18th, Fulda,Germany
Early Registration Fee 449 Euro only until 15th of April