Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Stored Proc Debugger API??
Author Lester Caine
Larry Weatherly wrote:

>>I check things out outside,
> How do you do this?
> (And I don't want to pay for a Windows product to do so.)

Pay? What's that :)
I have been using IB_SQL for a long time, and IBOConsole
more recently. I can play with the SQL and check out things
like CASE statements, and JOINS, before actually using those
bits in Triggers or SP's. ( I also build UDF's but that
needs Builder 5 )

> I want a Linux solution if possible.

That is the sticking point. I'm running ibWebAdmin on
Apache/PHP on the linux machines, and that does all the
cross platform stuff. I have Eclipse running on both, with
the Clay SQL tools, but there is room for improvement in the
facilities there.

Since all my 'Linux' work is on PHP, GUI stuff is not needed.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services