Subject Thomas Steinmaurer joins Upscene Productions, expanding it's product line
Author Martijn Tonies
Thomas Steinmaurer joins Upscene Productions


February 11, 2004 - The Netherlands - Austria:

Thomas Steinmaurer, developer of the established
"LogManager" product series, decided to join
Upscene Productions, the well known developer of
"Database Workbench" and other database development
tools. With this merger, Upscene Productions
broadens its product line with a whole range of
database auditing tools.

"By joining Upscene, we can offer our customers a
more complete range of database tools while the
LogManager products get the increased exposure they
deserve", said Martijn Tonies, the founder of
Upscene Productions. "We are confident that Thomas
is a real asset for Upscene and we're happy we can
work together to create more database developer tools
in the future."

"Upscene Productions offers high quality database
development tools for years now, and I'm very pleased
to join them with my LogManager products, to serve
database developers and administrators even better in
the future.", said Thomas Steinmaurer.

About Upscene Productions

Since three years, Upscene Productions is selling it's
database tool (Database Workbench) to the public - and
with great success. Database Workbench is one of the
leading InterBase, Firebird, MySQL and Microsoft
SQL Server development tools - hundreds of companies,
including Motorola Denmark, Greenpeace, Oxford Brookes
University, Vertex Software, the US Military and
Borland are using it. Upscene also actively sponsors
the Firebird open source project and is one of the
co-founders of the FirebirdSQL Foundation - a non
profit organisation to sponsor and channel funds to
the Firebird project.

About Thomas Steinmaurer

Thomas is somewhat "obsessed" with databases since
the time he worked a lot with them during his computer
science study at the Johannes Kepler University of
Linz - Austria. Starting with IB LogManager in 2000 (at
that time he was sometimes bored by writing my diploma
thesis) he couldn't imagine how that small tool would
grow up to a full-fledged auditing solution for InterBase
and Firebird, being a great help for developers and
administrators in over 25 countries around the world.
Like Upscene Productions, he was also one of many
co-founders of the FirebirdSQL Foundation.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - developer tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL & MS SQL
Upscene Productions