Subject ANN: Database Workbench 2.6.0 released
Author Martijn Tonies
Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next
version of the popular database development tool:
Database Workbench 2.6.0 has been released today!
Based on user feedback, there are numerous bugfixes,
new functionality and enhancements.

Download a trial at:
Features and fixes:

Database Workbench supports:
- Borland InterBase ( v4.x - v7.x )
- Firebird ( v1.x )
- MS SQL Server/MSDE ( v6.5, 7, 2000, MSDE 1 & 2 )
- MySQL 4, 4.1

If you experience any problems with this new version, don't
hestitate and either go to the website and send a support email
or email directly to support@...

New Features
- InterBase 7.5 Temporary Tables support
- MSSQL: allow FKs to be created to Unique Indices
- MySQL: added ability to register additional databases at
a server to which you don't have access with the user name
you used to register the server
- Added "Copy as RTF" to Code Editors
- Added Multi-Level Clipboard Tool
- GUID support for ODBC in DataPump

- Misc GUI improvements
- IB/Fb: Confirm automatically adjust registration dialect
when registered with the wrong dialect
- MSSQL: more error messages before saving constraints
- MSSQL: creating a database now allows you to enter your own
logical filename besides physical names
- MySQL/IB/Fb: more error messages before saving Procedures
- Syntax highlighter supports "system functions" as a seperate
item to be highlighted. Check the Preferences for this.
- Preferences setting for "empty line is separator" in SQL Editor
- SQL Editor: "Options" drop down button
- TDG:
- emptying tables in backwards order
- improved error handling and reporting
- Added "Select All/Deselect All" buttons to Schema Compare
and Schema Migration Wizards/Dialogs

- Failing to connect to a server when expanding a node in the EM
now doesn't spawn multiple error dialogs
- "interface not supported" error when modifying an object while having
the DB Navigator tree, "depending objects" openen that included that
- Describe Companion: no longer loses selection when auto-refreshing details
- Hopefully an AV fixed upon closing the SQL Editor
- Possible AV fixed when disconnecting from a database
- Fixed error when disconnecting from db when there are disconnect
errors: EM would list the db as "connected"
- Schema Compare:
- fixed AV issue when collecting script
- fixed "not including indices/triggers/constraints for new tables"
when collecting scripts/showing compare results
- some minor GUI issues
- "ignore case" attribute was ignored when searching for columns
- Domain set when migrating single column to MS SQL wasn't set
- IB/Fb: fixed an error in the debugger wrt numeric constants
- IB/Fb: fixed a bug with the debugger and BLOBs
- IB/Fb: check constraints could show up as triggers in the depending
objects for older databases
- IB/Fb: using the "Recompute index selectivity" on a
Indices list in a table would give an error
- MSSQL: fixed a problem with attaching databases that moved
locations between detach/attach
- MSSQL: fixed a problem with attaching databases on server v7
- MSSQL: fixed possible error when retrieving PK information
- Starting the ML-Clipboard without anything onthe clipboard
would get you a "list index out of bounds (0)"
- AV fixed when right-clicking the source grid in the DataPump
without a connection
- AV fixed when dropping a PK after selected a certain node
- DataPump now allows dragging by image instead of text only
- FetchAll flag on a per-database engine basis
- Using the Visual Query Builder in the View Editor adds text
without overwriting previous text
- No more black rectangle (Windows XP) when connecting to a database
- Database Navigator: Count rows SQL didn't include owner name
- Statement Recorder: kept using TERMINATOR for IB/Fb instead of
current database engine (eg: MSSQL)
- DataPump: better "auto-map" name matching, matches including
"owner" for MS SQL

Thank you for your support,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - the database developer tool for professionals
Upscene Productions