Subject Neo 1.3 with Firebird support released
Author Johannes Ahrer

A new version of Neo (.Net Entity Objects) is available. Version 1.3
introduces support for Firebird databases. Neo is Open Source.
It can be downloaded here:

About Neo:
Neo is a framework for .NET developers who want to write enterprise
applications with an object-based domain model. It is well suited for
domain-driven design and agile development.

Neo includes tools that create an extensible object-based domain model
as well as the database schema from a an abstract description of the
model. At runtime, rich schema information is used to dynamically
generate all SQL required for object persistence management. Being based
on ADO.NET data sets, a Neo domain model is independent of the actual
backing store and works equally well with databases and objects in an
XML representation.

To see 5 Reasons why you should use Neo visit


Johannes Ahrer