Subject ANN:IBExpert New Version 2004.10.30 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2004.10.30 ready for Download

Today we uploaded a new Version 2004.10.30
of IBExpert on

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
update end date from your registration form.

If you update right is already expired,
you can extend it for the next two years
with buying the same license(s) again in
our shop. See details on our Web Site

FREE IBExpert and Firebird Roadshow in Europe

After the Success of the german Roadshow we plan
a Roadshow in other European Countries. From current
perspective, it will be free of charge and our
current plan is to visit the following Cities
in January and February 2005:

Austria : Vienna
Belgium : Brussels
Czech Republic : Prague
Denmark : Copenhagen
France : Paris
Hungary : Budapest
Italy : Milano
Netherlands : Amsterdam
Poland : Warsaw
Spain : Madrid
Sweden : Stockholm
Switzerland : Zurich
UK : London

other Coutries : just ask, if there is enough
interest, we will come.

All Presentations are technical oriented and
show different Technologies, that can be used
based on IBExpert, Fastreport and Pivotcube.

For all Visitors, it will be possible to order
all our products for Special Prices (Discounts
up to 60% !).

It will be held in English Language (except
Austria and Switzerland) by non Native
English Speakers, so it should be easy to
understand for people with basic
Knowledge of English Language.

Presentations will start at 1:00 pm and end
at about 5:30 pm.

You are interested to come? So please send an
EMail to info@... with the City where you
want to attend.


Do you know a cheap or free Meeting room
usable for up to 40 people in your countries
town, that we can use? Please help us and send
an email with the infos to info@....


IBExpert 2004.10.30

1. NEW: OLAP and Datawarehouse Technologie in IBExpert:

Here is a short description how to use it (a more
complete description is currently in work and can
be found in the next days in our Documentation on )

-Connect IBExpert to the Employee Example Database
-Run the following SQL Statement "select * from sales"
-On the Result Page press on the Data Analysis Toolbutton
-From left field lists choose Cust_No and Drag´n Drop it
in the Dimensions
-choose Sales_Rep and Drag´n Drop it in the Dimensions
-choose Ship_Date and Drag´n Drop it in the Dimensions,
but change "Alias Name" and "Display Name" to Ship_Date_Year
and change "Wrap To" to Year
-choose Ship_Date and Drag´n Drop it in the Dimensions,
but change "Alias Name" and "Display Name" to Ship_Date_Month
and change "Wrap To" to Month
-choose Total_Value and Drag´n Drop it in the Measures.
-Press on "Build Cube" Toolbutton (or F9)
-Now you can Drag´n Drop all Dimensions to the Columns Area
on the Top or in the Rows Area on the left.

To see what else is possible, you can have a look at or wait for the entries in
our documentation system (will be announced in our
newsgroups and EMail List asap).

We also plan to create a free Runtime Version where
*.cub Files can be opened also outside IBExpert.

So stay tuned ...

(this functionality is not available in Personal Edition)

2. Fixed problem with incorrect support for XP
themes that cause "list index of bounds(x)"

3. Data Grids:

* Fixed problem with including computed fields
into INSERT/UPDATE statements using "Copy
record as INSERT/UPDATE".

4. Table Editor:

* There was a problem with adding/altering
field descriptions introduced in 2004.09.12.
It's fixed.

5. Database Designer:

* Sometimes there was an AV while creating an
update script. It's fixed.

* IBExpert now uses templates (Options |
Environment Options) to create foreign key
names and names of check constraints.

6. IBEScript was updated. Current version is 2.1

7. IBEExtract was updated. Current version is 2.03

8. Some improvements were made to make initial
databases opening faster while working with
slow internet connections.

9. 50 MB Bug in Personal Edition is removed

10. Some other minor bugfixes and improvements...

The IBExpert Team

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