Subject ANN: Database Workbench 2.5.5 released
Author Martijn Tonies
Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next
version of the popular database development tool:
Database Workbench 2.5.5 has been released today!
Based on user feedback, there are numerous bugfixes
and some small improvements.

Download a trial at:
Features and fixes:

Database Workbench supports:
- Borland InterBase ( v4.x - v7.x )
- Firebird ( v1.x )
- MS SQL Server/MSDE ( v6.5, 7, 2000, MSDE 1 & 2 )
- MySQL 4, 4.1

If you experience any problems with this new version, don't
hestitate and either go to the website and send a support email
or email directly to support@...

New Features
- InterBase 7.5 "embedded user authentication" support
- Ability to search all types of constraints
- DataPump: empty tables (in reverse order) before data transfer
- Some drag/drop improvements for Proc/Func/Trigger Editors
- InterBase/Firebird:
- "code insight" in the Stored Procedure lists parameters and
variables. Use :[pause] to only list parameters and variables.
- Stored Procedure Editor right click has a "Insert Variables"
dialog to quickly insert a list of variables
- "code insight" in the Trigger Editor also lists "old.[columns]"
and "new.[columns]"

- IB/Fb: Modified Plan Analyzer images to conform to images used
with MS SQL plan analyzer
- IB/Fb: Debugger: breakpoints can be enabled/disabled with a checkbox
in the Debugger Breakpoints window
- Fb: Firebird 2.0 Query Plan supported
- MySQL: added new MySQL 5 keywords
- Stored Procedure Editor: improvements wrt inserting field-names
- BLOB Editor caption shows selected column
- ability for custom aliasses in the Query Builder

- IB/Fb/MSSQL: Duplicating triggers would use default fireops/timing
in you selected "edit before saving"
- IB/Fb: changed tab-order of Role box on "Connect As" dialog
- IB/Fb: "Modified DDL" wasn't properly extracted for Roles
- IB/Fb: Column Specials triggers didn't extract SET TERM statements
- IB/Fb: fixed SP parsing problem with IF (param like )
- IB/Fb: array columns cannot be part of SUID procedures
- IB/Fb: Shadows weren't listed under the Storare/Shadows node
- IB/Fb: when recompiling all procedures, the wrong procedure could be
displayed when an error occured
- IB/Fb: fixed an error with disabling triggers during DataPump process
- Fb: fixed a small Procedure DDL error (double terminator)
- Fb: fixed DDL terminator error with descriptions and procedure DDL
- Fb: procedure descriptions would be extracted twice in a full script
- Fb: switching windows while backing up/restore a database would
trigger question "Start backup/restore"
- MSSQL: couldn't drop DB Users -> "interface not supported" error
- MSSQL: fixed a DDL error with disabling/enabled triggers from the editors
- MSSQL: fixed regional setting issue with "database space usage" window
- MSSQL: fetching the default data-dir on non-default instances could
fail or be misdetected. This could result in a "Field 'Data' not found"
when trying to create a new database.
- MSSQL: export to INSERT statements didn't export IMAGE columns
- MySQL: EM didn't show hints for registered servers
- MySQL: running scripts failed, the statements weren't executed
- MySQL: database backup failed because of MySQL column name changes
- Fixed a possible AV in the Blob Editor when trying to load from file
without a record available
- A few small fixes in the Preferences dialog
- Occasional Access Violation errors when closing the SQL Editor
- DBF Export always exported all fields instead of only selected ones
- Double click a Role Member to edit Roles instead of "nothing"
- Fixes to DB User synchronization
- Command line DataPump didn't do additional options
- Test Data Generator would abort if an exception occured when modifying
index or trigger state (active/deactivate)
- Fixed another error with exporting to file and keeping the file locked
when an exception occured
- Modified "Re-compile All Stored Procedures" -> this failed with
MS SQL 6.5/MySQL 5
- Dropping a Stored Function from the DB Navigator failed to sync the
internal list of Stored Functions
- "Search Database" could fail if previously a database was searched
that supports more object types

Thank you your support,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - the database developer tool for professionals
Upscene Productions