Subject Re: [firebird-tools] How can I confirm a bug report has been received?
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Achim,

(snip - long report about a IBOConsole problem)
I was thinking that Steve was talking about the problem with selecting data
from varchar fields with more than 255 characters.

> I don't agree with Artur on reporting bugs in this list. The list
> description says:
> | In this forum you can watch for third-party tools, announce
> | your tools and participate in testing.

Well, reporting a bug in a tool should be directly to the author.

But, in this case, we can provide here a small discussion before going to
the author. We are talking about a free tool, and I think that this list
could be easily extended to this, without filling up fb-support. This cases
don't fit in any other list, and I don't think we should create one more
list just for this.

It will be an easy way to help our coleagues that create free tools, such as