Subject Re: [firebird-tools] How can I confirm a bug report has been received?
Author Achim Kalwa

you wrote:

> I reported a bug in IBOConsole in message 245 on 09/09/2003 in this
> newsgroup. I was advised (in an earlier post) by Artur to send an
> email to Lorenzo regarding IBO Console bugs. This was done.

are you refering to this?

> I have a stored procedure which simply does a single insert into a
> table. When I execute this procedure, I get a unique key constraint
> violation. The reason is that the insert statement appears to be
> executed twice, eventhough there is only one insert statement in the
> procedure. There are no triggers that would be causing the extra insert
> to occur.

You did not report a bug, but you described a problem with IBOConsole.

> Before I try to recreate this with one of the example gdb's, I wanted
> to know if this is a known problem with IBO Console. It does not happen
> with IBConsole under IB.

It would be very helpful if you could provide a test case, i.e. adapt your
stored procedure to show the error with the example database,
employee.gdb. Without knowing the code of your procedure, it is very
difficult to help. I've just created a simple stored procedure that
inserts a value into a table:

create procedure SP_TEST
as begin
insert into USR(NAME) values("TEST");

Everything works fine here if I execute this SP with IBOConsole.

I don't agree with Artur on reporting bugs in this list. The list
description says:

| In this forum you can watch for third-party tools, announce
| your tools and participate in testing.