Subject ANN: EMS IB Manager 3.65 released
Author EMS HiTech Team
EMS HiTech company is pleased to announce IB Manager 3.65 -- the next
version of our powerful InterBase/FireBird administration and development

You can download the latest version and user's guide from

What's new in version 3.65?

1. We've implemented the support of FireBird 1.5 universal triggers.
Starting from this version, IB Manager allows you to define several actions
for a trigger, such as BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE, for example. The Trigger
Editor has been slightly redesigned for this purpose.

2. We've significantly improved the Import Data Wizard to make most of new
abilities of EMS QuickImport 2 component suite be available in IB Manager,
such as import from XML, import from multiple Excel sheets, importing
formulas from Excel, case insensitive replacements, and more. (*)

3. We've added a possibility to hide/show the DB Explorer tabs, such as
Project, Windows and Recent. If you don't need some of them to be shown on
the screen, you can uncheck the appropriate options on the DB Explorer tab
of the Environment Options dialog (Options -> Environment Options ->
Tools -> DB Explorer).

4. We've added the "Show only connected databases for services" option to
the Environment Options dialog. If this option is checked, only the
connected databases will be available in the service dialogs, such as
Database Validation and Database Statistics. This option is available on the
Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog.

5. Fixed bug with skipping the first statement of a script during its
execution from the SQL Script in some cases.

6. If the list of the stored procedure parameters has been edited just
before the procedure execution, the procedure parameter order was generated
incorrectly. Now it is fixed.

7. Fixed bug with incorrect type of the last variable displaying in the
Stored Procedure Debugger in some cases. (*)

8. Fixed bug with generating the DDL for an object containing '#' or '%'
character in its name.

9. Fixed bug with displaying calculated fields in the Edit Field dialog.

10. Fixed bug with the search/replace function executed for the selected
text only.

11. Some small improvements and minor corrections.

(*) - Professional Edition only.

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Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,
EMS HiTech Team