Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Memo notation in IBOConsole
Author Artur Anjos

I think that this 'problem' is related to IBO components. That's the default

How does the IBConsole works on big varchars? I never use them, so I really
don't know. But for memo fields, the only way to see them in IBConsole is
using 'data' directly in the tables: if you work with them in sql window you
can not see blob data.


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Subject: [firebird-tools] Memo notation in IBOConsole

> Ok. I am familiar with IBConsole but new to IBOConsole. When viewing
> a table's column that is (apparently) a varchar greater than 255, the
> grid in the table's data tab shows "(Memo)". Double clicking the cell
> displays an ellipsis button which, in turn, displays a modal memo form
> of the data. All well and good. Now, if this same table is displayed
> via a select in the ISQL form, the column also displays "(Memo)".
> However, the ellipsis button is not present and I can find no way to
> display the underlying text data. Am I missing something or is this a
> problem with IBOConsole's UI?
> steve
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