Subject IBUtils - new version of FREE IB/FB table links viewer
Author Ales Kahanek
I would like to announce new version of IBUtils - FREE IB/FB table links
From now IBUtils is no longer a read only tool. On the basis of the users
requests I introduced creating table and foreign constraints, see bellow.

11-Aug-2003 version

New features
- Scaling (zooming) was redesigned so now it behaves as a real zoom
(including proper font sizes).
- new hot keys: F2 - zoom in, F3 - zoom out, F4 - zoom to 100%.
- Relation names are shown in hint window while moving mouse over it.

Bug fixes
- A table was not properly scaled when adding new table to model with other
scale than 100% until the model scale was changed.
- fixed Note scaling.
- Metadata changes were not written to log file when *.mdl file from
previous version of IBUtils was used on some circumstances. The problem did
not arise when new model was created.
- After dropping foreign constraint model did not behave correctly and
creating other constraint or custom link was very tricky (some AVs).
- some other minor bugs.

The last version was pretty buggy :( , I believe this one is better :) .

The application IBUtils is designed for simlifying database design for
Interbase and Firebird databases by showing the links between the tables in
your database visually, like some CASE tools do. Every change to the tables
in your database made by other tools can be refreshed by one mouse click.

Ales Kahanek