Subject ANN: Database Workbench v2.2.0 released!
Author Martijn Tonies
Ladies, gentleman,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next
version of the popular InterBase & Firebird tool -
Database Workbench 2.2.0 has been released today!

This version of Database Workbench helps you to migrate
from existing legacy systems to InterBase or Firebird -
the new Schema Migration tool lets you migrate your
database structure from any ODBC or ADO datasource!

This version also offers complete InterBase 7.1 and
Firebird 1.5 support!

Bugfixes and enhancements include an improved Stored
Procedure Debugger, increased overall "ease-of-use",
the ability to change the DEFAULT of a column, a multi-
threaded SQL Editor, CSV import improvements and much

Download a trial at:

If you experience any problems with this new version, don't
hestitate and either go to the website and send a support email
or email directly to support@...

Version 2.2.0

New features:

Schema Migration Tool
- Create/migrate a schema from any ODBC/ADO/InterBase or Firebird
datasource to InterBase/Firebird
- Including DEFAULTs (if available), datatype mapping, constraints and
- Including Generators and optionally, their current values
- Including object descriptions (where possible)
- Optionally remove spaces/illegal characters from object names
- Detailed reporting on the migration process and result
- ADO supports tables, indices and primary key constraints
- ODBC supports tables and primary key constraints
- Migrating from InterBase -> Firebird or Firebird -> InterBase warns
about missing charactersets/collations

Enterprise Manager
- Added "Drop Database" to "Management & Maintenance" popup menu on a

- Full Firebird 1.5 support (keywords, charactersets, defaults etc)
- Full InterBase 7.1 support (keywords, charactersets etc)
- All object editors warn you to save the current - if changed - object
if you're selecting/creating another
- Updated documentation

Stored Procedure Debugger/Syntax Check
- Increased DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP support
- Better syntax checking and increased type-checking
- Added length-checking for (VAR)CHAR assignments while debugging
- Added support for "!=" syntax
- Fb1.5: Added syntax checking for [ NULLS { FIRST | LAST } ], EXCEPTION
name [value]
- Fb1.5: Added support for [FOR] EXECUTE STATEMENT [INTO] [DO]
- Fb1.5: Added support for ROW_COUNT, GDSCODE and SQLCODE
- IB7.1: Added SAVEPOINT support
- Parameter cache of Procedure Editor used when starting the debugger

Table Editor
- Ability to modify DEFAULT value of columns (unique feature!)

Database Navigator
- User definable default action (to override "Edit") for double click on
tables (see Preferences)
- Optionally show table-name in front of index-name under "Schema" node
(see Preferences, IB & Fb specific)

SQL Editor
- Multi-threaded SQL Editor by cloning connections - see Preferences to
turn this on (default)/off (WARNING: As this creates additional
connections, you need to close all SQL Editors to create a Foreign Key
- Added Query Statistics (non-indexed reads, indexed reads etc...)
- Added "Ignore All" for Script Errors

Generator Editor
- IB7.1: Uses DROP GENERATOR for dropping generators

Constraint Editor
- Firebird 1.5: allows nullable columns in unique constraints

Statement Activity Monitor
- IB7: added sql statement memo control to Statement Activity Monitor

- User definable transfer-order
- Disable triggers before transfer

- Added XML format to Export Data Wizards
- Several CSV import enhancements

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
Bugfix: Fixed an error with an AV error in the Constraint Editor with new
constraints and viewing the DDL tab
Bugfix: Fixed an error with mixed/lowercase domains and the ALTER statement
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the PK name being displayed for duplicated
Bugfix: Fixed an error with CSV import and delimited identifiers
Bugfix: Fixed an error with column-renaming that are used in an index
Bugfix: Fixed an error with Charset/Collation not being displayed in the
Domain Editor
Bugfix: Fixed some date/time errors when executing a Stored Procedure in the
Procedure Editor for non-US locale
Bugfix: Fixed an error with exporting parameterized resultsets not exporting
any rows
Bugfix: Fixed an error with User Management not being able to fetch users
for SuperServer architectures
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the Domain Editor and ONLY changing the
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the Statement Recorder and the statement
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the Preferences and the editor
Bugfix: Tables without a PK couldn't add one via the Table Editor in
Bugfix: Fixed an error with trigger-dependencies showing up for Firebird
Bugfix: Fixed two errors with exception handling for IF..THEN/compound
statements in the Stored Procedure Debugger
Bugfix: Fixed "object not found" for case-sensitive Exceptions in the Stored
Procedure Debugger
Bugfix: Fixed some errors with quoted identifiers in the Stored Procedure
Debugger and Procedure Plan Analysis
Enhancement: Misc GUI improvements
Enhancement: DataPump shows Primary Key columns with PK image for ADO and
ODBC datasources
Enhancement: If an editor is open with an object, this editor will be
brought to front upon trying to open such an editor for that object

Thank you your support,

Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - the database developer tool for professionals
Upscene Productions