Subject ANN: Brazil based reseller Acabit Tecnologia Ltda to offer licenses and support for Database Workbench
Author Martijn Tonies
Acabit Tecnologia Ltda. and Upscene Productions to join forces and increase
InterBase and Firebird support in Brazil.

July 1, 2003 - The Netherlands - Brazil:
Upscene Productions, the well known developer of "Database Workbench", and
Acabit Tecnologia Ltda, a Brazil based software reseller and developer,
to bundle forces and increase InterBase and Firebird support in Brazil.
will sell and provide Portuguese support for "Database Workbench" - the
product of Upscene Productions.

"By providing Brazil based customers a way to easily purchase foreign
and support in their own language, we think that InterBase and Firebird
development and knowledge will increase in the Brazil area.", said Martijn
Tonies, the main developer of Database Workbench. "We both want to increase
sales in Brazil for database development software. Database Workbench should
a good start for this."

"We are eager to work with Upscene, since one of our main products uses
Firebird. With "Database Workbench" we can offer a complete solution to our
customers", said Eduardo Mauro, technical director at Acabit. "Firebird is a
cost solution that is being largely used in Brazil. "Database Workbench"
help Brazilian developers to produce better applications."

About "Database Workbench":
Database Workbench is an after-case tool to create, maintain and test your
databases and applications. It has an easy-to-use, but very powerful, user
interface to create, browse and delete database objects and includes a large
number of tools created for filling, testing and profiling your database in
order to test your database applications. With it's unique interface,
and tools, it speeds up your database development process and improves
productivity. Database Workbench supports the following database engines:
Borland InterBase ( ) and Firebird ( ).
More information and documentation about Database Workbench can be found at

About Upscene Productions:
Since two years, Upscene Productions is selling it's database tool (Database
Workbench) to the public - and with great success. Database Workbench is one
the leading InterBase and Firebird development tools - hundreds of
including Motorola Denmark, Greenpeace, Oxford Brookes University, Vertex
Software, the US Military and Borland itself. Upscene also actively sponsors
Firebird open source project and is one of the co-founders of the
Foundation - a non profit organisation to sponsor and channel funds to the
Firebird project.

About Acabit Tecnologia Ltda:
Acabit, founded in 1991, is a software development and system integrator
company, based in Brazil, with large experience in custom made solutions,
including client-server applications, B2B portals and data acquisition.
its customers are Azko-Nobel, Mahle, Siemens and Mercado Eletronico, which
received several prizes for its B2B portal. One of Acabit main products is
BitTracker, a collaborative web portal solution, which permits complete
over projects, issues, tasks and content. For more information, visit: or