Subject ANN: New versions of the IB LogManager product family has been released
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi all,

new versions of IB LogManager, IB LogManager Viewer and the Addon's
IBLMExport, IBLMPump, IBLMRedo has been released.

- What is IB LogManager?
A proven solution for integrating a logging/auditing mechanism into
your InterBase/Firebird database.

- What is IB LogManager Viewer?
Same code base as IB LogManager, but without the capability to change
the logging schema. Not needed if you have IB LogManager.

- What is IBLMExport?
A command line utility to export logged data into different formats.

- What is IBLMPump?
A command line utility to pump/transfer logged data from the production
database into an external "transaction log" database using the two phase
commit (2PC) protocol.

- What is IBLMRedo?
Roll-Forward Log Utility. Applies logs in an external "transaction log"
database on a workable operating system backup of your production

More information and 30 days trial downloads are available on the
IB LogManager website.

Thomas Steinmaurer

See you at the First European Firebird Conference in May in Fulda, Germany