Subject New version of IBUtils - FREE db table links viewer - v. 0.9.4
Author aleskahanek
I would like to announce a new IBUtils release, free database
relations viewer which displays links between tables in your database
based on the foreign key constraints defined by another tools. You
can find more detailed info, screenshots and download at

Bug fixes
- When one field of a table was involved in several foreign keys (or
duplicated foreign key was accidentaly entered into db),
the "Multiple rows in singleton select" error was generated. This is
now fixed. However this fix has enforced change of internal
relationships naming convention and thus change of the names of
relationships saved in the *.tbl file. This change affected only
those relationships with nodes - when you open the old model with
this new version, none of the nodes will be restored from the *.tbl
file because of the old vs. new name conflict. You have to define the
nodes again yourself. This is the only drawback of this change and I
appologize for the inconvenience.

There are some new interesting feature requests pending, but
unfortunately I am very busy now and can promise to add these new
features not earlier than within 3-4 weeks.

Looking forward to your comments
Ales Kahanek