Subject ANN: Firebird Service Manager (Control Panel Applet) V0.1.4 released
Author Achim Kalwa
Hello Firebird users,

I've uploaded an updated Firebird Service Manger/Control Panel Applet,
V0.1.4 for Win32. If you need to switch between different Firebird
versions (i.E. FB 1.0.2, FB 1.5-Beta4), you'll find this utility useful.

What's new:

V0.1.4, 2003-03-27
* Fixed some problems with path names containing spaces.
* Improved SelectDirectory dialog, the current root directory
is now pre-selected.

V0.1.2, 2003-03-23
* Before changing root directory, fbmgr checks if there is
a gds32.dll/fbclient.dll in current(!) root direcory. If these
files are missing, there were copied from %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32.
Both files are required when changing root directory back from
any FB 1.5-Beta to FB 1.02.
* Tested with FB 1.0.2 and FB 1.5 Beta-4 (Win32)

Download is available as installer (compiled with InnoSetup), as plain CPL
for manual installation, and as sourcecode (Delphi 5).


Best regards