Subject ANN: IBLMRedo v1.0.0.0 BETA - The IBLM Roll-Forward Log Utility released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
I'm proud to announce the third addon within the IB LogManager
product family.

IBLMRedo - The IBLM Roll-Forward Log Utility

Currenty in a stable BETA stage.

Based on the IBLM logging/auditing mechanism, IBLMRedo can
be used to:

- Recover a database to a specific point in time
- Replicate logged data changes (asynchron, one-way)

Read more about roll-forward logging mechanism here:

To get a 30-days trial copy, please visit:

Be aware that IBLMRedo is an addon based on the logging/auditing
mechanism of IB LogManager, so you will need to download
IB LogManager too.

Thomas Steinmaurer