Subject [ANN] Unified Interbase
Author A6-CMO Philippe Makowski
UIB is a set of class, components and methods to use Interbase or FireBird
with Delphi.
These components were born from the need to use Interbase or FireBird
indifferently as fast as possible in a Multithreading environment, a Server
for example.
UIB include a Borland Compliant conversion API for Interbase and FireBird.
This API is very hard to use directly with Delphi, so I've written a set of
class and methods to use this API in some lines of code with your preferred
programming language ;).
UIB include 3 components at this time: TUIBDatabase, TUIBTransaction and
UIB is ThreadSafe with any version of Interbase or FireBird.
BTW: I'ts Open Source.
Henri Gourvest