Subject New Project Launched
Author Paul Schmidt
Dear Lists:

(Sorry for multiple posts in different groups in advance)


A new project has been started on SourceForge, FBManager. This project will
be a GUI front end for the Unix crowd (Including, hopefully, MacOS-X) So far
the project has been set up, a developer mailing list should be activated in
the next 24 hrs. Although not intended to include Windows, my hope is that
the code will be platform agnostic enough, that we can easily port to Windows
later on. I expect to post a Design Document later this week in FBManagers
CVS, so that others can see what ideas I have for this project, then discuss
that document in the developers list, and make changes to it, based on the
resulting discussion.

BTW Windows users who wish to discuss whether Windows should be supported
sooner rather then later, can do so on the developers list, at