Subject ANN: UIB V1.2 & DBExpress Drivers
Author Henri Gourvest
New property editors for Database, Transaction and Query components.
This release also include a free DBExpress driver for each version of
Interbase and Firebird.
Various bug corrected.

UIB is a set of components to use Interbase, FireBird and YAFFIL.
These components were born from the need to use Interbase, FireBird or
Yaffil indifferently as fast as possible in a Multithreading environment, a
Server for example. UIB have a Borland Compliant conversion API for
Interbase, FireBird and YAFFIL. UIB Include a Client Server ORB (Object
Request Broquer) working with Indy.
These components are "Thread-Safe" with any version of Interbase, FireBird
and Yaffil and are working with Delphi, BCB & Kylix.

Happy new year :)

Henri Gourvest