Subject RE: [firebird-tools] Tools Suite, any Ideas ?.
Author Steve Summers
My last project used D5 rather than 7 (it's what we use at work), along with
IBX and FB 1.0. I later upgraded (transparently) to FB1.5. I also use
IBExpert (and love it- I have the registered version now.)

If I had it to do over again, I'd have tried IBObjects- I had a lot of
"interesting" problems with IBX. I'd also use D7 now that I have a copy. So
it sounds like you have a good set of choices here, at least to me.
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Subject: [firebird-tools] Tools Suite, any Ideas ?.

Hi, I'm planning to start a new project and trying to choose my

So far here is what I have picked :

1.- Delphi 7 professional
2.- IBObject
3.- Firebird (not sure about 1.5 any comments ?)
3.- IBExpert and IBSQL
4.- IBUtils (for the nice Entity / Relation Graphs )
5.- IBEASY+ looks nice but not worked with it (comments ?)

As you can see all of them are Freeware (this is a must for me).

I would really appreciate your expert opinion on the tools and if
you feel this suite is the right one for a not so trivial but not so
complex project.

Could anybody with more experience list their favorites ?.

Best Regards,

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