Subject [ANN] FBExport 1.3 released
Author Milan Babuskov
FBExport is an OpenSource command-line tool for exporting/importing data
with Firebird (and InterBase 6) databases.

Version 1.3 has some bug-fixes and enhancemens:

* Fixed differences between NULL values and empty (zero-length) varchars
* Removed limit for (var)char length
* Added support for time datatype
* Command line flags aren't case-sensitive anymore
* Host defaults to LOCALHOST so it isn't a required value anymore
* Added option to right-trim all chars/varchars to reduce file size
* Support for dates between 1. Jan 0001. and 31. Dec 9999.
* FBExport 1.3 has been tested to work with Firebird 1.5

Homepage and download at:

Milan Babuskov