Subject NSIS Firebird Silent Installer Script - ready for tests
Author Piotr L
Hello !

I found out that this Yahoo group is better for this announcement.
So here it is:

I've made a NSIS script for building installers for Firebird database

Some features:
- support for optional silent Firebird install mode (!)
(silent means it can be run from within another application
without interuption)
- converts ZIP to EXE setup program
(you do not have to wait for official installer EXE)
- executes complete installation process of Firebird server
- English & Polish versions (more can be easly implemented)
- support for optional server usage counter - can be used by client
installed on the same machine
- zero-input option included (check OPT_xxx options) - no dialogs


I'm planning to use it for my application, so if you have any
comments, just write to the address on the web page.