Subject ANN: EMS IB Manager 3.1 released!
Author EMS HiTech Team
EMS HiTech company is very glad to announce IB Manager 3.1 -- the next
version of the best InterBase/FireBird administration and development tool!

You can download the latest version and user's guide from

What's new in version 3.1?

1. Dutch localization was added to IB Manager distribution package. Now six
languages are supported: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and
Russian. This list will expand from version to version. You can change the
program language by the "Options -> Select program language..." menu item.
IB Manager also allows you to select your language preference at first

2. Visual Query Builder was updated to the latest version of EMS
QueryBuilder suite
A lot of small improvements and corrections. (*)

3. Database Tools (e.g. SQL Editor, Visual Query Builder, Visual Database
Designer) now switch to the active database automatically each time when the
tool window becomes active.

4. Visual Database Designer: a possibility to hide/show grid in database
objects was added. This option is available in the Visual Database Designer
window through the Show Grid In Objects item of the Display Mode button
drop-down menu. (*)

5. SQL Script: now the database drop-down list updates itself in compliance
with the databases currently active and reverts to its initial state if the
assigned database closes.

6. User Manager window behaviour was changed. It is not a modal window now
and it looks like other child windows of the application.

7. Print Metadata window has also changed its style. (*)

8. Visual Database Designer & Visual Query Builder: these two windows were
redesigned to avoid undesirable toolbar behaviour. (*)

9. Login prompt dialog appears now if password is not specified in the
database registration info.

10. "FDB" file extension became a registered file type. Now you're able to
register/open FireBird databases by executing database files from Windows

11. Some corrections were applied to the User Manager. Adding role and some
other functionality is now available.

12. Fixed bug with "List index out of bounds" error in the Search In
Metadata function. Several minor bugs were also fixed.

13. Compare Scripts Wizard: fixed bug with CHAR/VARCHAR fields which have
default values containing more than one word.

14. DB Explorer: fixed bug with disappearing object names in the SQL
Assistant after switching from the Databases tab to the Windows tab and back

15. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) -- Professional Edition only

What is IB Manager?

EMS IB Manager provides effective and powerful tools for InterBase/FireBird
administration. It helps to create/edit all database objects, search in
metadata, extract metadata, print metadata, import data and export it into
as many as 14 most popular formats. IB Manager also includes Database
Designer, SP Debugger, SQL Editor, Visual Query Builder, Grant Manager, User
Manager, HTML Report Generator, BLOB Viewer/Editor, Graphical Plan Analyzer,
SQL Script processor, Report Designer, Third-Party plugins support and many
more other features.

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We hope you'll like our products.
Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,
EMS HiTech Team