Subject ANN: IB LogManager v2.1 Final available!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

I'm proud to announce IB LogManager v2.1 and IB LogManager v2.1 Viewer!

What's new in IB LogManager v2.1 (Build v2.1.0.8):

- Support of English column names in the operation and column log table added.
- Conditional logging implemented.
- Ascending/Descending indices on the operation log table can be activated/deactivated.
- Transaction ID Logging support implemented (Firebird v1.5).
- Some bugfixes

More information is available on my web site

If you have any questions or problems, please send me an email.

Enjoy the work with IB LogManager v2.1!

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager 2.0 - The Logging/Auditing Tool for InterBase and Firebird