Subject IB Utils - FREE IB/FB Relation Viewer - New version available 0.9 .1.3
Author Aleš Kahánek
today (5.8.2002) I uploaded new version of IB Utils to
I hope you enjoy new features:
- More comfortable Add Table dialog:
1. Incremental Searching
When table list is focused, you can directly type letters to find desired
2. Immediate Filter
You can specify immediate filter in filter combo box, for example 'MYTAB',
then press Enter and all tables containing 'MYTAB' are filtered.
3. Permanent Filter
In Model Options dialog you can specify Permanent filter condition, for
or more complex condition using valid "SQL WHERE" syntax. The table list is
filtered according to this condition and can be quickly toggled on/off.

Fixed bugs
- Add Table dialog was showing wrong table list when dialog was invoked from
popup menu and when multiple models were opened

Ales Kahanek

DB Relation Viewer, version, utility for viewing your
Firebird/InterBase tables graphically (similar to the graphical SQL
interface of Access and some CASE tools). You can work on your metadata with
another tool (e.g. IB_SQL), commit your work and then go back to the viewer
and refresh the image. Read-only view, reports available.