Subject ANN: EMS QuickDesk 2.77 released!
Author danyakovt
Dear Sirs and Madams,

EMS HiTech Company is very glad to announce the next version of
QuickDesk (2.77) -- The Best InterBase/FireBird Administration and
Development Tool.

You can download the latest version from

What's new in version 2.77?

1. SynEdit component suite (the engine of QuickDesk syntax-highlight
editors) is updated to version 1.1. We hope this new version will
work even better than the previous one.

2. The new parameter "Disable Ctrl+Alt+* shortcuts" is added to the
Editor options. We hope it will be useful for users who use Alt Gr
key to input special characters such as '{', '}', '[', etc.

3. Database Explorer->Projects Tree->popup menu->: now you can add
several database objects at once. Also the view mode of the Select
Object Window (Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Detail) now
saves/restores from the last usage.

4. Duplicate Database Object: now new objects are named correctly in
Dialect 1.

5. Interbase/Firebird functions (SUM, MAX, COUNT, etc) are displayed
now in the same color as the reserved words.

6. Visual QuickDesk (*) and User Manager: some improvements and

7. Some other small things.

(*) -- Professional Edition only

What is EMS QuickDesk?

EMS QuickDesk provides you with effective and powerful tools for
InterBase/FireBird administration. It helps to create/edit all
database objects, search in metadata, extract metadata, print
metadata, import data and export it into as many as 12 most popular
formats. QuickDesk also includes Database Designer, SP Debugger, SQL
Editor, Visual Query Builder, Grant Manager, User Manager, BLOB
Viewer/Editor, SQL Script processor, Third-Party plugins support and
many more other features...

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We hope you will like our products. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
EMS HiTech development team