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IBExpert new Preview Version

IBExpert Newsletter 5.5.02

Today we uploaded a new preview Version
of IBExpert on

This should be the last build prior to version 2.

For registered Customers, you also find a fully
registered version in the customer area
(password protected), where you have to
enter your keys.

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
update end date from your registration form.
If you update right is already expired,
you can extend it for the next two years
with buying the same license(s) again in
our shop. See details on our Web Site

Things we changed in IBExpert:

1. Database Designer: Added layout toolbar.

2. Database Designer: Support for subject
areas added. A subject area is a subset
of objects taken from the whole pool
of objects in your diagram. You can
create multiple subject areas in your
diagram. Typically, you create a subject
area to help you manage a large diagram,
to reduce the number of objects that you
work with, or to focus on a particular
business function. Working with subject
areas is especially useful when designing
and maintaining a large or complex data
model. Dividing the Main Subject Area
into several smaller subject areas
allows different groups within an
organization to concentrate on
the processes and tasks pertinent to
their business area.

3. Database Designer: Update Diagram mode
added while reverse engineering a database.
In this mode IBExpert updates current
diagram using database metadata leaving
original size and positions of diagram

4. SP Editor / SP Debugger: Added possibility
to store parameters history directly in your

5. Code Editors: Added shortcuts for
navigating through brackets. Ctrl+Shift+5
moves caret to the left bracket. The second
press moves the caret to corresponding
right bracket if the one exists.
Alternatively you can use Alt+Left/Alt+Right.

6. Code Editors: Added shortcuts for navigating
through BEGIN...END clause. Ctrl+Num/ (Slash
on the numeric pad) moves caret to the BEGIN
keyword. The second press moves the caret to
corresponding END keyword.

7. Other bugfixes and small improvements...

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