Subject Birds of a FEATHER
Author csswa
> As one for proposing alternatives , i suggest another name
> Feather
> ( It has relation with the Bird , and makes for an easy and
colorfull logo ,
> as the one of Apache , the webserver)

FBConsole... is the word console really applicable any more? I agree
that this name instantly frames it as a drop-in replacement for

I like 'Feather' too, but it needs some fancy, hifalutin acronym to
appease the technical aesthetic. How about:


Firebird's Enterprise Administration Tool - FEATher
Firebird Extended Architecture Tool - FEATher
Firebird's Extended Tool for Entity Relationships - FEaThER

Not so serious:

Flaming Entities and Totally Hip Enterprise Reborn - FEaTHER
Firebird's Exciting Answer To How Entities Relate - FEATHER

Andrew Ferguson