Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: ANN: New module on Firebird tree
Author Artur Anjos

I have commit rights on this module. That's the idea. There is no problem
for me to update new code on the tree. The French translation that you send
me privately will be on the tree soon.

Dmitry is working on the Russian translation, and a Greek one is with

Remember: this is not 'my code' - the code was donated to the Firebird
Project. Feel free to use it, change it, improved it. :-) We want the applet
to be as small as possible. That's the only requirement.

I will look at Achim code as soon as possible. I'm with too much work today.


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Subject: [firebird-tools] Re: ANN: New module on Firebird tree

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> > Achim:
> >
> > And you're right: I think the best thing to do is to look at each other
> > code, and start working together on just one CPA. The objective is to
> > one application, a small one. Two heads is better than one. :-)
> >
> > Let's work on it !
> This is the good way.
> We have to ask for a commit access to this new module and work on it
> Achim and Artur you made a good work.
> I think that we have to improve the code that is on the CVS whith Achim's
> There is a french version of Achim work but the way Artur's code do
> internationalisation is better I think.
> I'm ready to mobilise french Firebird community for french translation of
> tools and I'm ready to contribute to the code.